Supervision Groups

Throughout the: Master in Gestalt Psychotherapy M.Psych. (GT) Program, supervision is offered to the students by the Accredited Supervisors of the EAPTI-GPTIM: Lidija Pecotic, Bertram Muller, Emilia Stoimenova Canevska, Joyce Sciberras, Rose Galea, Mikela Gonzi.

Upon completing the program, one may opt to continue supervision with their supervisor as part of their CPD or to join existing ongoing supervision groups at EAPTI-GPTIM or in other Institutions in the field. 

Kindly contact to clarify any queries you may have and for further information regarding venue, dates, time and fees.

Gestalt Psychotherapy Training Institute Malta

European Accredited Psychotherapy Training Institute EAPTI-GPTIM

Higher Education Institution

NCFHE Licence Number: 2014-FHI-020

62, Antonio Schembri Street,
'Masaba' Garden Flat, Kappara SGN 4235,



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