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Gestalt Today, Malta: International and Interdisciplinary Journal in the Field of Psychotherapy

We started the Journal in the year 2016, when our Gestalt Psychotherapy Training Institute in Malta, EAPTI-GPTIM, was celebrating its 20th Anniversary. Our plan is to continue regular and online publishing of the Journal in order to provide a place where writers will be able to present their work in the field of Gestalt Therapy theory, methodology, practice and research. We also welcome authors from other psychotherapy schools and other related disciplines to support this project with their written work.

Developing, understanding, writing, researching and practicing Gestalt therapy is our ongoing creative adjustment, which is essentially an ethical process. As such, this process requires from us: constant increasing awareness of the complexity of the personal, professional and general human fields, taking as much as possible elements of such fields into account while making decisions and choices, practicing generalized impartiality, deep reflections, taking responsibility for thoughts, words and actions, presence, openness to the novelty, capacity to transform into new and honouring in the same time the ground values and beliefs of the Gestalt approach.


While being open to the novelty and integrating from practice and other approaches and disciplines, which we regularly do in our training of Gestalt Therapy, we stay clearly defined as Gestalt therapist, a separate, autonomous modality of psychotherapy with its own philosophy, theory, methodology and practice.

Gestalt Today, Malta will aspire to present to the public, Gestalt philosophy, theory, methodology and research with new thinking of Gestalt Therapy, honouring values and beliefs of our professional ancestors, hoping to contribute in such a way to our professional presence, future for our students and better life of our clients.

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