The academic collaboration between EAPTI-GPTIM and its partner Gestalt Institutes around Europe has grown over the years to become a major provider and guarantor of high-quality professional traineeship and supervised practice of Gestalt Psychotherapy. This could not come about without the commitment and passion of its team of lecturers under the directorship of Dr. Lidija Pecotić. 

Throughout EAPTI-GPTIM’s history, those who came to give training over the years, included leading figures in Gestalt Psychotherapy. We have had, amongst others, Joseph Zinker and Sandra Cardoso Zinker, leading figures of Gestalt Psychotherapy in the United States, Serge Ginger, founder of the Paris School of Gestalt and Helga Matzko from the United States with her programme in the application of Gestalt Therapy in the field of addiction. As the EAPTI-GPTIM began offering programmes specialising in clinical populations, working with children and adolescents, and in working with organisations, various other lecturers contributed their expertise and knowledge, including the late Ken Evans, Paul Barber, and Gilles Delisle. Since then, our higher education institution now has an abundant faculty of lecturers coming from various countries, from different modalities of psychotherapy, and from different areas of specialisation.

Lidija Pecotić

Director and Founder of GPTIM

Lidija Pecotić is international Gestalt  trainer, supervisor and therapists. She has  a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology (University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia, 1986). She completed her Doctorate Studies in Clinical Psychology (University of Belgrade, Serbia, 1994).

Bertram Müller

Gestalt Psychotherapist

Bertram Müller works as a Gestalt psychotherapist in private practice in Düsseldorf and as Gestalt trainer and supervisor in Germany and in several European countries like: Malta; Serbia, Italy, Croatia, Netherland, Russia.

Joyce Sciberras

Gestalt Psychotherapist

Joyce Sciberras is a Gestalt psychotherapist presently working in private practice, as well as a supervisor and teacher at the Gestalt Psychotherapy Training Institute Malta. She trained as a social worker at the University of Malta, later obtained a post graduate Diploma in Gestalt Psychotherapy from GPTIM and was awarded a Master’s Degree in Gestalt Psychotherapy from Birmingham University.

Rose Galea

Gestalt Psychotherapist, Clinical Psychologist

Rose Galea started her career as a nurse, however she later continued studying and graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology. She continued her studies in Psychology and obtained a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology.

Mikela Gonzi

Gestalt Psychotherapist, Clinical Psychologist

Mikela Gonzi is a registered Gestalt Psychotherapist and warranted Clinical Psychologist and Integrative Supervisor. She works with various services providing staff group dynamics, supervision, support groups with professional teams and members of staff and individually with clients, including children and adolescents through the use of play therapy.

Marguerita Spognuolo Lobb

Psychologist, Gestalt Psychotherapist

Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb is a psychologist, psychotherapist, international trainer. She is a founder and director, since 1979, of the Istituto di Gestalt HCC Italy (Siracusa, Palermo, Milan), the post-graduate psychotherapy training institute recognized by the Italian Minister for the Universities and Research and by the EAGT.

Gianni Francesetti

Psychologist, Gestalt Therapist and Psychiatrist

Gianni Francesetti is a Gestalt therapist, psychiatrist and international trainer. He is also the program coordinator of the two-year International Training Program on Gestalt Approach to Psychopathology and Contemporary Disturbances organized by the Istituto di Gestalt H.C.C. Italy.

Emilija Stoimenova Canevska

Gestalt Psychotherapist, Psychologist

Emilija Stoimenova Canevska is an established psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer. She is committed to continuously building and developing the Gestalt Training Institute Skopje to a high standard training center that has an ongoing growth of students and graduates in Gestalt psychotherapy while retaining an exceptional quality.

Joanna Hewitt-Evans

Integrative Psychotherapist, Social Worker

Co-director of Euroips, UKCP registered Gestalt Psychotherapist and EAIP registered Integrative Psychotherapist, visiting trainer at several European Psychotherapy Training Institutes…

Dubravka Kocijan-Hercigonja

Neuropsychiatrist, Psychotherapist

Dubravka Kocijan-Hercigonja is a neuropsychiatrist and psychotherapist as well as a holder of PhD in Psychiatry (University of Zagreb, Croatia). She is a world renowned and respected psychiatrist with subspecialty in child and adolescent psychiatry.

Linda Finlay

Integrative Psychotherapist

Linda Finlay is a relational-centred, existential Integrative Psychotherapist (UKCP registered) in private practice. She has published numerous books…

Dušan Stojnov

Psychotherapist, Psychologist

Dušan Stojnov, psychologist and psychotherapist and professor at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, constructivist therapy pioneer in our country. After training in London, became the first domestic constructivist psychotherapist.

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