Many students, who have now become gestalt psychotherapists, describe the gestalt learning experience as “embarking on a life journey”. Over the years, we have had beautiful moments together, working intensely, learning through each other, and growing into a community that, from between the walls in which we spend so many hours of training, is expanding out and within our society, touching many people’s lives in a meaningful way. Our aim is that, through this gallery, we create a space of collective memories, which we wish to preserve as highlights of this journey together.

Psychotherapists Warranting Ceremony

December 2020

Master in Gestalt Psychotherapy

Generation 2020

Congress Skopje Macedonia

September 2019

Thomas Moore Conference Malta

February 2019

Master Graduation

December 2018

Graduation: Diploma in Gestalt Psychotherapy

November 2018
MA Graduation
February 2018
September 2017
MA Graduation
November 2016
Congress Zagreb Croatia
November 2016
Training With Ken Evans and Paul Barber, Malta
Psychotherapy in Organizations

Gestalt Psychotherapy Training Institute Malta

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