The Training in Gestalt Psychotherapy aims to provide professional part time study of the theory and methodology of Gestalt Psychotherapy and its application in practice.

Through GPTIM the trainees develop the knowledge and skills necessary to obtain the professional qualification of Gestalt Psychotherapy. In order to achieve these aims, the training program has been designed with the following major components lasting four to five years:

  • Individual Psychotherapy – 75 hours*

  • Theory and Methodology: Experiential and Lectures – 675 hours

  • Different Psychotherapy Approaches: Experiential – 112.5 hours

  • Theoretical Seminars: Lectures – 112.5 hours

  • Clinical Practice with real Clients – 400 hours

  • Supervision: Individual or in small groups – 225 hours

  • Eight written assignments: Presentations

  • One Case Study: Part of the final Examination

  • Occasional peer groups or training groups without the trainer


The whole program is covered by 1600 hours, not including the hours necessary for reading, writing assignments and case study.

* Previously a ‘session’ referred to a 45 minute period. The word ‘hour’ in this context correctly refers to 60 minutes.

Specific Aims

From 1996 onwards, the training program has evolved following changes in internal and external, personal and professional demands. GPTIM offers a four-year training program which leads to a diploma in Gestalt Psychotherapy and certificate courses for personal and professional development.

The four-year training program is divided into two parts:

 1   Basic Module (two years)       2   Advanced Module (two to three years)


Each year is processed through:

  1. Weekly three-hour meetings: Gestalt Theory and Methodology through experience and lecturing (150 meetings throughout the whole program) – 450 hours.

  2. Three to four-day workshops: Gestalt Theory and Methodology through experience and lecturing (nine workshops within four years obligatory, and three optional workshops) – 225 hours.

  3. Three-day General Theory Seminars (10 seminars within four years obligatory, and two seminars optional) – 112.5 hours.

  4. Supervision (Started from Advanced Course – 225 hours within the last two years).

  5. Workshops in basic knowledge in different psychotherapy approaches: Experiential and lecturing (five Workshops within four years obligatory, and five optional workshops) – 112.5 hours.

  6. Clinical Practice with real clients starting from Advanced course – 400 hours for those students without relevant experience. The responsibility for finding and arranging a placement lies with the students. Trainer can offer further details of the requirement along with letter of reference if required.

  7. Eight Written Assignments from the theory and practice of Gestalt Psychotherapy  (2000-3000 words each) presented during short weekly meetings.

  8. One Case Study – 10,000-13,000 words as a part of the final examination.

  9. Occasional peer groups or training groups without a trainer – three hours each.

Gestalt Psychotherapy Training Institute Malta

European Accredited Psychotherapy Training Institute EAPTI-GPTIM

Higher Education Institution

NCFHE Licence Number: 2014-FHI-020

62, Antonio Schembri Street,
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